Guatemalan friendship bracelet giveaway

Efree-guatemala-friendship-bracelet-4arlier this year we took trip to Guatemala to visit some of the farmers that produce some of the amazing coffee we roast. Whilst we there the hand friendship was extended cordially to us in the form of Guatemalan friendship bracelets.

Each order of our great Guatemalan beans will also receive a friendship bracelet from us that will share our friendship with the local coffee workers who make them by hand when they are not harvesting.

In Guatemala an old folk tale says “Tie a bracelet on and make a wish, when the bracelet falls off, the wish will come true”. Don’t tell us what you wish for but when it comes true do let us know.

They come in a great variety of colours so there are many to collect.

Check out any of our great range of Guat’s we are sure you will be happy.

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