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Tasting Notes: Tropical fruits, with a creamy body. 

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Producers: Reina Jael Masemela

Farm size: 3.5 hectares

Region: Gaitania, Tolima. Altosano

Processing: Sun dried and heat/milled

Growing Altitude: 1694 masl

Varietal: Yellow Caturra



Reina is an exceptional coffee grower. The quality of her naturals are outstanding and she is dedicated to producing wonderful coffee. 


Grown at high altitude, in enriched soil, in the Central Colombia Andes mountains of Tolima where the Páez indigenous people escaped the Spanish invasion in the early 1500’s. They have made their homes here for around 400 years.


Some of the coffee plants are over 80 years old, they are fully organic, sustainable, and environmentally protected. This area has recently been certified Organic by Mayacert and USDA.


The coffees grown in this region are Heirloom Typica, Bourbon, and Caturra. This particular Coffee of the Moment is a Yellow Caturra. It balances red and tropical fruits with a smooth, well rounded acidity, leaving a sweet panela residue and a hint of spice.


Tasting Notes: Tropical fruits, with a creamy body. 


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