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Tasting notes: Raspberry jam, mojito, watermelon sweets.


ORIGIN: El Salvador

FARM: Finca El Naranjito

PRODUCER: Jan Carlos & Sophia Handtke – Mapache Coffee

REGION: Apaneca Ilamatepec

VARIETY: Pacamara

ALTITUDE: 1,200 – 1,400 masl

PROCESS: Honey: 15 days on patio or 21 days on raised beds depending on weather. Immediate raking & turning every 30 mins.



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Mapache Coffee is run by fifth-generation growers Jan-Carlo and Sofia Handtke. Their labour of love began 12
years ago when Jan-Carlo inherited his family’s estates and endeavoured to rejuvenate them into sustainable
specialty coffee farms. They now operate 6 farms and are one of the single largest employers in the El Salvador
coffee sector.


El Salvador is an origin that has a natural tendency to produce sweet, versatile and sought after coffees
from small, and generally progressive producers and was an early darling of the current specialty coffee
movement. However, in 2013 the county was perhaps one of the hardest hit in Central America by the roya
(leaf rust) outbreak and many farms produced negligible to nil coffee volume. However, diligent and progressive
producers have generally rebounded well and are coming back with improved volume and quality.


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