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Tasting Notes: Floral aroma with tasting notes of grapes, blackberries, brown sugar and a cacao aftertaste.


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Farm: El Amanecer

Size of Farm: 7 Hectares

Owner: Baltasar Recinos Marcos

Region: Huehuetenango

Town: Concepción Huista

Varietals: Caturra and Bourbon

Processing: Washed, sundried on patio

Coffee produced: 1200KG (avg. Year)

Elevation: 1700-1780 masl

Rainfall: 2300 ml

Temperature: 12 – 24℃

Water Supply: Natural Spring Water

Soil: Limestone and clay

Shade Trees: Inga and Avocado


Baltasar Recinos is a second-generation coffee producer in the town of Concepcion Huista in Huehuetenango region. During the harvest Baltasar makes sure only the ripest cherries are picked and usually it means in total of three passes on his farm. The cherries are depulped on the same day of the picking and left to ferment in the water in plastic tubs for 36 hours. After the fermentation the coffee is washed with clean water and dried on a patio in the sun for six days.

The name of Baltasar’s farm is El Amanecer. The farm is located at the higher part of the mountain and therefore receives beautiful sunrises around 5:30am every morning. This is why Baltasar named his farm as “The Dawn”.

“Since we didn’t have money in the beginning, we organised a loan together with my wife to buy the farm. That is how we were able to start producing coffee”, explains Baltasar.




Bean or Graound?

Roasted Whole Beans, Ground for Espresso, Ground for Cafetiere, Ground for Pour Over, Ground for Aeropress, Green Unroasted Coffee


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