Guatemala Finca La Esperanza


Tasting Notes: Orange peel and fudge. 

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Farmer: Franco Morales

Farm: Finca La Esperanza

Region: Huehuetenango

Town/City: Cipresales, San Antonio Huista

Varietal: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon and Paches

Processing: Wet milling and sun dried on patios 

Size of Finca: 117 hectares

Coffee produced: 17,000 kg (avg. year)

Elevation: 1,700 masl

Rainfall: 1,600 ml

Temperature: 18-22 celsius

Water Supply: Natural spring water

Soil: Limestone

Shade Trees: Chalum and Gravilea 


This Guatemalan coffee comes from the La Esperanza farm in Cipresales, in the Huehuetenango region. The farm is run and owned by Francisco Morales for over 40 years. They have achieved a great deal in this time.

The initial years were very challenging. It is through their hard work, dedication, and commitment as a family that they have grown the farm into a business that provides income for the household and generates a source of employment for many others in the surrounding area.

The name of the farm, La Esperanza, translates to “The Hope”. This indicates how important coffee production is to their family and surrounding community.

Francisco, the owner, is eager to hear about new experiences and learn from others. His curiosity and interest for improving coffee quality has resulted in winning several prizes in the Huehuetenango Highland competitions.

This year he dried the parchment coffee under shade nets, this improves the gradual process of drying and results in an enhanced flavour and prolonged shelf-life. 





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