Bury Free press, Nov ’22; Christmas shopping!

I truly can’t believe I am saying this… but we are coming to the end of 2022 at an incredible speed. Or is that just the coffee? Either way, time is flying and Christmas feels only a reach away.

Now, I am a bit of a festive nut and everything to do with this time of year brings me a lot of joy… That being said I’m not going to shove a Panettone in your face and demand a carol. I am, however, going to continually shove coffee into the faces of readers regardless of the time of year.

The next couple months are usually really busy for us… think elves at the grotto? With new products always coming out- festive ones to top it, cafes pumping out hot drinks at an incredible rate, and events and markets popping up as we speak: We are moving as fast as caffienatedly (yes, I know, I made that up) possible.

If you keep up with our online blog, you will know that we release a couple recipes a month that highlight and feature one of our products… They are easy to follow and super scrummy! I have a few really delicious festive recipes lined up that would make the perfect edition to your christmas table. So I highly recommend getting on your good old trusty bit of technology and checking out what’s going on over there.

However, the main event, and the product I have been most looking forward to sharing with everyone is our Presentation Taster packs. To say these are not perfect for christmas gifting would be a crime against Santa Clause himself.

Each beautifully labelled box contains a selection of a varying 5 x 100g bags of coffee that can ground to your chosen brew method. Each coffee offers its own unique characteristics that can be enjoyed by both those of you new to the Specialty scene and trying to get into it a bit more- but it is also perfect for those of you who brew on the regular and enjoy having options.

This awesome coffee gift only gets better due to the fact that every box contains a limited edition pin badge based off of the corresponding label artwork… They are super colourful and something that would stand out wherever you put them… I want all of them!

So, if you have a caffeine lover in your life who can’t get enough of the bean juice; I suggest you get over to the website and order yourself a couple (go on, get yourself one too… you know you want to) of these unique Presentation packs and watch your christmas get even cosier.

That’s all from me folks, I’m tuckered out and managed to polish off 3 mince pies in the writing of this.
Before I head off (to definitely not have a 4th.. Wink Wink) I wanted to mention that we know that this time of year is busy for everyone, and making sure Christmas day is special is what everyone aims to do. Don’t be a deer caught in the Christmas lights and get yourself organised early. To ensure we can be of the best help possible we have included a festive update on our website regarding delivery and postal times.

With that, I say once again: Keep Brewing and Stay Caffeinated… you know I will!