Recipe – Mocha Biscoff Brownies

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, squidgy, chocolate brownie? The Biscoff spread running through these imparts a fantastic caramel flavour, bringing out the brown sugar notes of our Sumatra Kerinci coffee. Perfectly rich and indulgent, these brownies are a great afternoon treat with a strong cup of coffee. Or, serve warm with ice cream as a […]

Recipe – Lucky Lemongrass Granita

  In the heat of the summer, we all want a delicious frozen treat. More importantly, we want to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. The answer? A quick and simple granita. This icy dessert is low effort, tasty, and doubles as a handy cocktail ingredient.  Granita comes from “granire” – to […]

What is in our cup?

Guatemala Honey Process Every month, we feature a new and unique coffee; This month’s coffee comes from a farm owned by Antonio Gonzales & Eby Aracely Samayoa. The farm is situated in Fraijanes, Guatemala. This coffee bean is a specific variety, Yellow Catui which has been honey processed. This makes for an exceptional cup. The […]