Baked Coffee Donuts

Coffee and Donuts are a classical pairing. Its a sweet breakfast, or an afternoon snack. Its versatile and delicious. What could be better? I think these baked coffee donuts with a coffee glaze probably could… actually, I know they could. This is a relatively easy recipe that takes around half an hour from start to […]

Earl Grey and Blueberry Scones

Have you come across the term “manifest” before? In a nutshell… it means that if you think about something hard enough, and put enough energy out into the universe you will receive what is desired. So… This is my attempt at manifesting some cooler weather. (If it works, I’ll take all the blame!) Don’t get […]

6 months in review!

We can now officially say that half of 2022 is well and truly behind us… and what a 6 months it’s “bean”! I thought a little round up of everything would be a perfect start to the rest of the year. January was the month we celebrated Tom, our head roaster and mastermind behind all […]

Peaberry, what is it?

Peaberry, what is it? When scrolling through coffee content, or browsing a roasters website, there are always going to be key words that jump out at you and leave you wondering; what is that? One of these words that really sparked my curiosity when I first came across it was “Peaberry”. It didn’t feel like […]