Spooky Blood Orange Martini

Blood Orange… that counts as a spooky flavour… right?

This halloween style martini uses our blood orange tea and lemon vodka to create the perfect citrusy cocktail.

It’s the treat with no tricks!

Heres what you need:
– 118 ml lemon flavoured vodka (use lemonade if it’s a cocktail)
– 36 ml triple sec (leave out for mocktail)
– 118 ml blood orange tea

1. Before doing anything, I recommend popping your glasses in the freezer to ensure your drink is extra chilly but also makes the glass look pretty cool!

2. You want to brew your tea ahead of time so that its cool by the time you use it. I recommend making a pot and setting aside to cool down, that way you get as much flavour out of the leaves as possible.

3. Once your tea is cooled down, put all your ingredients together and mix it up.
Although having a cocktail shaker looks cool and adds to the experience, you can mix this all together however ya like. I like to put all the ingredients in a bottle and shake it all up.

4. Use a sieve or a cocktail strainer and our you’re drink into your cooled glasses… and enjoy!

You can make this drink look even more spooky by adding a rim of black salt, drawing spiders on your glass or by just adding halloween sweets to the drink. A gummy worm or two perhaps?
Make it yours and make it unique!


Made it? Send us a picture and stand a chance to win a £10 voucher than be used on your next order!