Charity Raffle – Show Your Support!

Charity Raffle

As part of our fundraising for the Bury St Edmunds Latte Art Throwdown 3 we are holding a Charity Raffle with all proceeds going to Emmaus Suffolk.

Emmaus Suffolk is a charity which works with vulnerable, socially isolated or long-term unemployed people and those at risk of homelessness across the county.

Please support this wonderful charity by buying a strip of raffle tickets, we have many great prizes on offer and there is a high chance of winning. More info in the link.

Sir Terry Waite CBE is the President for Emmaus UK. He wrote us a letter in 2021. Sir Terry Waite was held for nearly 5 years in Solitary Confinement in the late 80’s whilst negotiating the release of hostages in Lebanon as the Archbishop’s envoy.

For our 1st BSE LAT in December 2021 Sir Terry wrote to us the following:

“30 years ago whilst working as a Hostage Negotiator I was captured and spent almost five years in solitary confinement.  I was kept in the dark for much of the time and was always chained to the wall. I slept on the floor and meals were very simple, never once did I have coffee!

When I was released I decided to do what I could to help those who for one reason or another had no home to go to and who slept on the streets or in other makeshift accommodation.

So began Emmaus in the UK. This is not a religious organisation as it works with anyone and everyone who needs assistance and has no home. We are starting work in Suffolk and of course to get things going we do need supporters. Today can I thank you all for your support and interest.

The coming days are going to be very tough for many people, especially those who are vulnerable. You really can help make life a bit more tolerable by supporting this work.”


Sir Terry Waite & Rob Butterworth at the opening of The Royal Oak in Ipswich, a community cafe run by Emmaus Suffolk.