Iced Coffee series, part 6

Cold Brew

Cold brew is the top tier of iced coffees. It is a touch more complicated to brew than our previous features, but it’s worth every sip!
One of the reasons this type of coffee is so widely enjoyed is because of its low acidity. Cold Brew doesn’t use any hot water, which leaves a crisp cup with incredibly complex and enhanced flavours. However, this brew trades temperature for time, which means it can take over 5 hours to brew a cup of this goodness. But don’t worry, the end result is always a crowd pleaser.

This recipe is from our very own Callum Mcmanus, who is our in-house barista trainer.

The ratio we recommend is 60g of coffee to 1000g of water, and the coffee needs to be coarsely ground. Cal favours natural coffees, and says that the fruitier tasting notes come through beautifully with a cold brew. So, for this recipe, we have used our Rwanda Red Bourbon coffee, and the plum flavours really are exceptional.

This recipe is made for the use of a Cold Brew Tower.

How to make:

1.Pre soak the coffee ensuring all grounds are wet in the basket

2.Add your filter paper on top of the grounds to help evenly disperse the water (may need one on bottom depending on the type of basket you have)

3.Set the dripper to roughly 1 drip per second.

4.Brew time should be around 5hours, so leave it overnight, or put it on first thing in the morning.

5.Serve with ice.

Depending on the strength of the coffee, you may wish to dilute it with cold water. This is up to you or the customer.

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