Cheers to the London Coffee Festival 2022

From machines, to brews, and from beans to booze; the London Coffee Festival ticks all the boxes.

The festival was first introduced in 2011 and has happened every year since, quickly becoming the biggest coffee party in Europe. It’s like the MET Gala of the coffee industry.

Like many other events, the LCF was hugely affected by Covid-19 and in 2020 it had to be done online. Although last year’s event was held in person, it was clear that a lot of people were cautious and on high alert. However, this year felt almost normal; The coffee was in full flow, the music was playing, competitions were taking place, speakers were sharing, and the entire energy felt like it always should… caffeinated!

The first 2 days of the festival are usually dedicated to trade. It’s a time for people who work with coffee to come together and share information or learn new things. It’s a great time for new members of the industry to get their product or brand name out there. The last 2 days are mostly focused on consumers. So it’s brew workshops, speakers, merch sales etc. The festival caters to everyone who has a relationship with coffee.

This year, one of the main things that left a stain in peoples cups was the new La Marzocco Wally.
This is an automated milk steamer that does not require an in-built system for milk storage. This is a game changer because it means that you can use it with varying types of milks, catering to the expanding plant based preferences.
I think it’s important to remember that despite the continual advancements of tech in the industry, it is in no way a threat to the work of a Barista.

The LCF highlights just that every year.
It’s all good and well having the sleekest machines, or the highest quality beans, but you have nothing without the people. It’s the personalities and the characters behind the brews that make the industry what it is.

For example, this year some of the familiar faces we just had to stop by and see was the team from Folk Cafe! They showcased a drink called “Lifes a Peach” which is made from home made (I KNOW!!) peach ice cream and topped with our Costa Rica Yellow Honey. It’s an affogato on steroids. However, no matter how delicious it was, or how lovely their Linea Classic was, it would not have been as lovely had it not been for the individuals behind the bar.

I am sure that next year will bring even more game changing equipment, stronger espresso martinis and new latte art designs. The festival is the perfect time for everyone to catch up on what the coffee world is doing, and I can’t imagine that next year will be anything short of brilliant.

As always; Stay caffeinated folks!

Photo credit goes to Cam Brown from Allegro Creative Agency who is not only a brilliant photographer, but an avid coffee drinker.