Iced Coffee Series, part 1


Coffee lovers rarely stray from their favourite drinks, but summer usually pushes people to branch out and consume more iced beverages.

However, cold drinks should never have an impact on your coffee intake and we encourage you all to continue drinking your favourite beans.

Iced coffees are a very popular drink in the mainstream coffee world, but have a rather negative reputation thanks to their pairing with syrups and whipped creams. This is viewed as far away from specialty coffee as possible. Although mainstream iced coffees are still delicious, they lack the punch that specialty coffee carries. We hope our recipes below can encourage you to experiment with colder brews, while still enjoying the quality coffee you are used to.

The recipe we are covering today is your standard espresso based iced latte, but we will be covering more drinks, cold brews and japanese coffees in the next few weeks. So, stay tuned!

What do you need?

2 shots of espresso (we are using the COTM Guatemala Honey, but you can use whichever coffee you fancy)

Milk (Plant based works too is desired)

Scoop of Ice

We tend to serve our iced lattes in a 12oz cup. But you can use whichever size you want, just be aware to adjust measurements as needed.

Add your scoop of ice to your cup, and pour your chosen milk over it. Make sure to leave room at the top for your espresso.

Extract the espresso directly into the milk, or into a smaller class and pour over. It is important to pour the espresso over the milk, rather than the other way around. This ensures that the flavour of the coffee is distributed more evenly.

That’s it! It’s ready to serve.

You can personalise this drink by adding honey, syrups or even extra coffee. I find that a drizzle of agave syrup makes for a delicious and refreshing cup.

Have you made this? Share a photo and tag our socials, we would love to hear your feedback!