What is in our cup?

Guatemala Honey Process

Every month, we feature a new and unique coffee; This month’s coffee comes from a farm owned by Antonio Gonzales & Eby Aracely Samayoa. The farm is situated in Fraijanes, Guatemala.

This coffee bean is a specific variety, Yellow Catui which has been honey processed. This makes for an exceptional cup. The tasting notes of white peach, blackberries and raisins coat your tongue and enhance the silky mouthfeel.

Guatemala has taken a hit, like many other countries, due to covid. Their tourism is inevitably down, which has resulted in their export of goods being a major source of the country’s income.

However, the lack of tourism is not the only hurdle Guatemala, and other coffee producing countries are facing. The travel restrictions that have been imposed have not only impacted the transport of beans, but also the number of staff available for the farms. Although many farms utilise mechanical means to process their beans, they are still hugely reliant on manual labour for picking to ensure the quality is correct. With staff not being able to travel or access transport to get to work, you can only imagine how this has impacted farms. This, combined with the limitations on the transport of beans, has resulted in delays and export issues. Obviously, this is critical, as many of these farms and areas in Guatemala rely solely on their coffee exports as income.

This is why, despite delays, we are more motivated than ever to showcase their beans as our Coffee of the Moment. When you buy coffee from us, you know you are supporting a family and a community that needs it.

Want to know more about Antonio Gonzales and his farm? Click the link below and check out our latest youtube video, where Antonio answers questions posed by our own Rob Butterworth.