Iced Coffee series, Part 2

Iced Americano

Like iced lattes, iced americanos can be found in the mainstream coffee scene, as they are also an espresso based beverage.

The difference between these 2 cups? Milk! Although iced americanos can be served with a splash of milk per the customer’s request, it is usually made as a black coffee.

Iced Americanos are also one of those drinks that can be served with additions such as syrups and flavourings.

The measurements and recipe for this coffee is pretty much identical to the Iced Latte, but instead of milk you want to use cold water. This drink is a much lighter cup, and tends to be more refreshing.

Iced Americanos are not to be confused with iced filters. Although both are served as a black coffee by standard, iced filter coffee is not espresso based, but rather a chilled filter extraction. This means that the coffee flavour and tasting notes may come through more pronounced than with an iced americano. It is important to check with your barista which coffee you want to order, as the varying tastes can be more obvious when consuming an iced coffee.

1. Add your scoop of ice to your cup, and pour your cold water over it. Make sure to leave room at the top for your espresso.
2. Extract the espresso directly into the water, or into a smaller class and pour over. It is important to pour the espresso over the water, rather than the other way around. This ensures that the flavour of the coffee is distributed more evenly.
3. That’s it! It’s ready to serve.

Iced Americanos, due to their lack of milk, sometimes taste even better with additions. Additions such as slices of orange can really bump the drink up from a good coffee, to a great one.

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