Iced Coffee series, Part 3

Iced Mocha

If you are like me and love a good bit of chocolate, this may be the ideal iced coffee for you! Mocha coffee is a combination of chocolate and coffee. It’s a flavour combination known all over the world, and one that can be used for drinks, baking, ice cream and more. It’s an incredibly versatile flavour pair.
I really enjoy an iced mocha as a treat, as the delicious taste of chocolate doesn’t overpower the coffee. This is achieved due to it being an espresso based drink. If we used any other brew of coffee, it would be completely washed out by the chocolate. The strength of espresso is what makes this such a wonderful cup.

The recipe for an iced mocha is more or less the same as both iced lattes and americanos. The only difference is you want to mix the chocolate and the coffee shots beforehand.

1. Add your scoop of ice to your cup, and pour your cold milk over it. Make sure to leave room at the top for your espresso and chocolate.
2. Extract the espresso directly into a scoop of chocolate. Whisk this up until the chocolate is completely combined with the coffee.
3. Pour this mixture over the milk. It is important to pour the espresso mixture over the water, rather than the other way around. This ensures that the flavour of the coffee is distributed more evenly.
4. That’s it! It’s ready to serve.

Personally, when I make this drink, I use chocolate buttons, but chocolate powder will work just as well.

Due to the strength of both flavours in this drink, I wouldn’t recommend any flavour additions, however some people enjoy the addition of caramel syrups. It is entirely up to your own flavour preferences.

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