Iced Coffee series, Part 4


I absolutely love affogatos! This is a really delicious way of drinking coffee, and I consider it a form of dessert! This again, is another espresso based drink, and I wouldn’t recommend using any other method of brew for this as the body and strength that espresso provides is ideal for an affogato.

An affogato is made with 2 ingredients‚Ķ coffee and ice cream. That’s it!

In a small cup, around 5oz, put a large scoop of ice cream. We are using madigascan vanilla.
Extract your espresso over the ice cream.

Although using vanilla ice cream seems to be the standard, you can use whichever ice cream you want. For a real treat, try using chocolate ice cream to make it a cup of mocha goodness.

Alternatively, some people use Magnum style ice cream as it looks great for serving purposes. Again,
This is one of those recipes that can be adjusted to fit your own personal preferences.

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