Espresso ice cream with chocolate chips

The summer heat is something we as a nation look forward to every year. One of the joys that comes with summer, is the little pleasure of a creamy ice cream in the sun.

We have tried to provide you with this, without compromising on the taste of incredible coffee.

Using our June Coffee of the Moment, we have an incredibly creamy ice cream with crunchy choc chips mixed into it. Follow the recipe, and tag us in your final product!

If you fancy a more luxurious dessert, try pairing it with a warm chocolate brownie.


X2 Double shot espresso (We use Guatemala Honey, but any coffee of your choice should work)
500ml of double cream
1 (397 ml) can of condensed milk
1 cup of dark chocolate chips


Extract your espresso coffee and set aside to cool.
Whip the cream until it forms stiff peaks.
Add the coffee and the condensed milk to the double cream and combine carefully.
Start to fold in the chocolate, it is important to maintain the consistency of the cream.
Pour it into your chosen container and freeze overnight.
Serve on its own, or paired with a warm brownie. Alternatively, you can use this ice cream as a base for coffee or mocha milkshakes.

Have you made this? Let us know what you thought!