Iced Mocha Lollies

When the days are getting longer, its normal for us to turn to those little treats that help cool us down. Whether its a cold beer, a crisp coke, an iced coffee or a scoop of ice cream; none of us can’t deny the absolute pleasure of a chilled goody.

However, you can always leave it up to us to try and create the ultimate coffee cool down! In my opinion, this is it. Not only because it has the caffeine kick, but its super easy to make and has a massive nostalgic factor. It’s a lolly for goodness sake!

With only three ingredients it really is the easiest thing to whip up. See for yourself:


– 2 cups of cold brew coffee (heres our recipe)
– 1/4 cup of condensed milk
– 8 table spoons of chocolate chips, milk or dark.
– You will also need iced lolly molds and sticks

1. In a container, mix the condensed milk and the cold brew.
2. Place a table spoon of choc chips in each lolly mold.
3. Pour in your coffee mix, and fill each mold to the top.
4. Use foil to cover the molds and insert the sticks.
5. Freeze them until solid.

To remove the lollies, you may need to dunk the molds into hot water briefly in order to pull them out, obviously being careful not to leave them in the water too long!

Thats it folks, a super duper easy recipe for an absolutely banging summer treat.

Made it? Let us know!


Written by Lauren Small