Covid & Coffee

From Zoom to Bloom, Lauren Small talks about the impact Covid has had on hospitality and how it can adapt to the new digital world. 


The world is facing a pandemic that has hit multiple industries and brought the economy to its knees. One of the most impacted sectors has been hospitality, with over 560,000 due to lose their jobs or face a huge reduction in their income by the end of the year.


Many young individuals were relying on this industry to pay their way through formal education, or begin their independent lives. With the vast amount of this community hoping that making cappuccinos on the regular was going to guarantee this, we must begin taking the next steps towards ensuring not only does our beloved coffee industry continue to thrive, but these individuals are protected during the current climate.


How can we do this? How can we continue to grow the trade when the days of mingling in coffee shops and walking through farmer’s markets have come to a grinding halt?

The most obvious approach I can think of, is to fully embrace the digital world. We have hundreds of platforms at our finger tips. Platforms that promote connection and encourage growth, for not only business’s but individuals.

Since lockdown was first imposed around the globe, the coffee industry has focused on a new demographic: Home Brewers.


With the general coffee drinking population now stuck indoors, they have turned to perfecting and enjoying brews at home. The online world has given this community the resources they need to produce the standard of coffee they are used to consuming. From zoom meetings, to Instagram lives and from YouTube tutorials to podcasts: The digital world has proven vital in maintaining the rate at which coffee is consumed.


We are looking to tap into these platforms and provide our customers with videos and information that can be accessed at the touch of a button. By ensuring our quality coffee arrives at your front door, and providing online tutorials for a perfect brew, we intend to continue growing and adapting in the ever changing Covid world.