What’s in store for 2021

Let’s be honest, last year was not an easy ride in the slightest. Despite everything though,
we feel proud to have brought you an array of new coffees and some great updated
packaging. We also enhanced all our social media platforms in order to strengthen those
relationships with our customers.
2021 should be even better. We have a whole list of exciting things we cannot wait to
announce. We don’t want to give too much away just yet, but here’s a few things we can
tempt you with.

We are hoping to completely revamp our website and give it a whole new look, which will
make accessibility and website navigation so much easier for our users. With this online
update, we also hope to introduce a new subscription service. This will guarantee that you
never run out of your favourite coffee or if you prefer to live a slightly less routine life, you
can receive a surprise bag of beans every month. Let us take you around the world with a
huge selection of origins and flavours, all from the comfort of your own sofa.
For now, though, we want to highlight our YouTube channel. We have plans to make this a
top resource for all of you caffeine addicts, as we hope to fill it with brew recipes,
preparation tips and general coffee knowledge. So whether you are a coffee pro, or new to
the game, you can learn how to brew your perfect cup for any occasion.
Until then, our looped video of our roasting flame has been uploaded with some truly
terrific music, and it makes for the perfect clip to have on in the background.
Although we may still be stuck at home, and ‘normality’ may seem miles off, we want to
reassure you that our coffee is still grinding, and our tea still brewing.
So, stay safe, stay positive, and most importantly, stay caffeinated.